DIY Diffusers to wear Outdoors . . .

This past summer, I went to Colombia, and typically I would use some specific essential oils on my skin to make it more comfortable for me to be in the outdoors. But at that time, I had some extreme skin sensitivity. I looked online to see what I could purchase to help me out, like diffuser type of jewelry. Most of what I looked at had lava beads on them, so you could put the essential oils on the lava beads. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to spend money to purchase jewelry that I was not that fond of, and would only wear during my trip to Colombia or other overseas journeys. After looking at the cost of Lava Beads, I decided to buy some lava beads.  I used these lava beads to convert some hoop earrings into diffuser earrings, by putting lava beads on the hoops. I also put some of the lava beads on the safety pins and pinned them to various places. Which Young Living Essential Oils did I use? I used Citronella and Eucalyptus essential oils. My DIY diffuser jewelry with these essential oils made me very comfortable during my whole trip to Colombia. Now I am already prepared for my upcoming trip to Cambodia and Thailand, to be comfortable in the outdoors.


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